How to Write a Winning Email

There can be a tendency to not spend enough time getting them right, so they grab attention, promote benefits and have a call to action.

Those of us in the environmental field are not all sales people, yet we are often writing emails that promote our product/services or requesting a call to action.

Here’s some tips to boost the effectiveness of your emails.

o Grab attention via the title – 80% of people will only read your title, yet little time is often spent thinking of a good title. Make sure you include a catchy title that motivates them to open the email. For example, it might be a question, controversial, provocative or combo of both. “50% of the GBR is Dead”. “Are you contributing to the death of turtles?”

o Spend half your time on the email content and half on the title.

o Use bullets, bold or underline in your email to make it easy to see the key messages or benefits you are offering. We are all time poor and competing for people’s attention. Don’t make it hard to see key points you want them to see. Keep paragraphs to just a couple sentences.

o Structure your email message so it’s showing how you will help your customer move away from pain and towards pleasure. We are wired to avoid pain.

Always cover both – how does your product/service/campaign help them avoid pain, gain pleasure? Never ever assume the reader will automatically figure it out for themselves.

A key way to do this is ask yourself if you are just listing technical specs without mentioning benefits? A problem I’m guilty of and see a lot with clients is only listing specs (dimensions, weight, number of modules, components, price, warranty, certifications etc) and this is common for those of us that developed the product/service because we developed the technical specs in the first place, and are proud of them. NEVER assume the reader will translate specs into benefits! Make sure you take out the guess work and state the benefits.

o ALWAYS use a ‘ps’ at the bottom. Second highest read part of the email! Use it for a call to action, deadline reminder, special offer.
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To succeed, get comfortable feeling uncomfortable!

So you’ve started or about to start an environmental business or organisation? Or perhaps you are already running one…and starting to notice there are challenges that make you feel ‘uncomfortable’? It might be making those cold calls, pitching to prospects, hiring (or firing) a staff member, tackling financials or other aspects of business that are not your forte. My advice? Embrace it and get used to it. It ain’t going away. Uncomfortable times are as guaranteed as taxes.

Learn to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

As Glen Carlson, co-founder of the Key Person of Influence program, explains it…if you think about every achievement you have ever had in life they are ALL proceeded by one thing…a period of uncomfortableness…including our birth.

I think we can lean too heavily on trying to REMOVE or AVOID that uncomfortable feeling.

Quite natural as we are wired to avoid pain.

So what to do about it? How can you feel more comfortable?
I’ve borrowed the following from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), made popular by Dr Russ Harris and his books such as ‘The Happiness Trap’ and ‘The Reality Slap’.



Counter intuitive but instead of fighting it, accept it.

When we come from the position of needing to get rid of something, we set ourselves up for failure because invariably we can’t make the feeling magically disappear, it’s still there and this inability to get rid of it increases its power and hold over us and reinforces the feeling we are powerless. And so we give in to it and don’t act. And our business can suffer.

Succeeding in business has challenging moments and fearful moments.

Unavoidable…but not something to fear. By accepting this and accepting we are feeling uncomfortable we can diffuse its power and move forward.

Sit quietly with your feeling and do not suppress it. Sit with it, actually feel into it, give it a colour, a shape even. Think of yourself as a scientist studying a new organism.

Don’t try to get rid of it. Accept it in a non-judgemental way. Just observe it as you would a picture, a statue, a garden, an organism.

This might be starting to sound abit woo-woo but its a scientifically proven technique.

Notice what happens to the feeling. In many cases it calms down and becomes less uncomfortable.

Keep this feeling and become familiar with it. It is strengthening your action muscle to act even when feeling uncomfortable. As business owners we need to act and we become more effective and successful when we can act even with fear inside us. I guess you could say this technique helps us become immune to that feeling of uncomfortableness. Fighting it does the opposite.

You can go a step further and visualise expanding the space around the feeling you have visualised so that you see how small it actually is in the scheme of things.

When you zoom out and look at it from the bigger picture of your life, your business, next year, your suburb, your country…it’s very, very small.

So small that you don’t need to hide it or bury it somewhere or banish it…there is oodles of room for it in your life and it can sit there as long as it likes but it’s not going to hold you back or slow you down from doing what you need to do in your business.

Let me know how you go. I admire you for starting or running an environmental business/organisation and wish you all the best with it. Now go get uncomfortable and love it! 🙂

Ask who, not how

Ask who, not how

Are you stuck wondering how to do something in your business?
Or how to launch an environmental product, capture new sales, develop a prototype, create market awareness, develop a sound business plan for 2022?

There are easily a million different things in business that we are wondering how to do…but is that the best way to go about it?

Thanks to Dean Graziosi of Millionaire Success Habits, an effective alternative is to ask ‘WHO?’. Not ‘how’.

– Who can help you with the problem you are facing?
– Who can take you to the next level?
– Who can help get your business or product launched?

Very simple shift in thinking but very different results 🙂

Boost Sales! By Understanding the 6 Core Needs of Your Customers

Are you wondering what to say in your sales pitches or quotes to close more sales or increase the sale price?

  • Are you wondering what to write in your marketing material or website to increase sales?
  • Do you feel you have a good product or service but the sales are just not quite as good as you believe they can be, but you are not sure why?

I’d like to share a powerful concept that will help you and take the mystery out of what to say, write or offer. Click on the link to download my one pager tipsheet that I guarantee will open your eyes and make you a more successful salesperson, marketer, business owner.

Tipsheet – 6 Core needs of customers_v2

As always, if you need help understanding this info or exploring how exactly to apply it to your business, I’m here to help. Just shoot me an email ( or give me a call (0400 520 471). I can quickly identify which core needs are missing, which should be satisfied as a priority and strategies on how to.