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Do you wish you had someone to bounce ideas off? Get a second opinion on?

Do you find yourself going in circles because you can’t decide on the best action to take?

Do you wish you could just ask someone and find out exactly what to do rather than waste more time and money trying to figure it out?

Now you can get the answers and support you need no matter where you are located.

  Business Answers by Phone is like having myself and my colleagues on your team…as your own expert support network that you can call upon as needed.


Get UNLIMITED phone access to an Experienced Small Business Coach

Only $97/month

Less than a cup of coffee a day

No lock-in contracts

No BS, no selling, just useful straight Advice when you need it, day or evenings

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I totally understand that for some people, starting a new service with a new consultant can be a bit daunting…there can be a bit of fear about effectiveness, getting locked into something they don’t like or wasting time. 

In my experience you will gain great value in just one week.

Just in case you are busy and don’t have a chance to take advantage of my help, I’m offering a 1 week trial so you can fully see the benefits and be confident in continuing.


How does that sound? Feel worth giving it a go?


You will not be pressured into continuing or have to sign a contract. I personally hate this form of marketing. 

I want you to gain immediate benefits and feel confident that this service is going to be right for you.


Examples of recent call topics in case you are wondering:

  • I have 3 shortlisted candidates for a position. What should I do or check to help pick the best one?
  • How does this ad sound for a workshop I’m going to run?
  • We want to gain more accountants and lawyers as customers. How do you suggest we go about it?
  • I’m feeling we are dabbling at the social media advertising and cold calling. It’s not consistent or doesn’t have a plan. I feel we need a plan and stick to it. What do you think? What should we do?
  • Thinking about increasing prices. Bit nervous. Should we? What do we need to consider? How do we do it without pissing off customers?
  • I’m feeling one or two staff are resistant to my requests and not following through. Is it me? How best to handle them?
  • We screwed up and a major client is really annoyed and threatening to pull the pin. How do we handle it?
  • How do we figure out what to focus on first?



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Is it Effective?


The main thing you are missing in your business is the right knowledge for your specific situation. This knowledge can easily be gained via phone or skype.

“We implemented one strategy David gave us in our one hour session and it created an extra $10K-12K per month in sales.” Corporate Signage Company

“We will finish 2014/15 up 65% from last year and 25% above forecast.” Director Scott Howell reporting results after 6hrs of coaching

How long are the sessions? How does it work?

Getting advice is a bit like asking for directions when lost. How long is the conversation to get the directions you need to easily and quickly get to where you are trying to go? I reckon only a few mins, maybe 10 minutes.

Very similar to this business coaching by phone service – many of your questions can be answered quickly. And this saves you hours even days of time spent not acting or trying to figure out what to do.

When you start we will have a chat about your business and current challenges and complete my unique business health check. This allows me to understand the type of help you need, what you want to gain, and confirm this service will be beneficial for you.

If you are good to go, you then have a designated mobile and email address to contact. You can call or email me at any time when you hit those points where you need advice or need to talk through a business issue, including your personal mindset.


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