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I can help you in a variety of ways and there are no lock-in contracts.

You have my money back guarantee so if I can’t get the results you want, you don’t pay.

The table below summarises my main solution options and the strategy is always tailored to your needs and budget.


Name of Package

Business Troubleshoot & Turnaround

 Monthly Coaching

Custom Package

What You Get

Determination (or confirmation) of what you need to fix in the business and strategies to do so. Ideal if you are looking to turn your business around and tired of the way things are.  I will explain costs and benefits of each and help you prioritise what to fix first.

Troubleshooting can include: – Scorecard diagnostic – Profit and Loss audit – Audit of pricing and profit margins – Review of website and marketing material – Review of existing product/service mix  – Review of marketing campaigns – Audit of all touch points with your customer – Review of staff and management processes including hiring and training.

Monthly programs are for Business Owners, Professionals or groups that want ongoing business development support and accountability.

No lock-in contracts and starting at only $497/month, you have a choice of programs to suit your needs and budget. 

In a monthly program you receive coaching/mentoring via face to face sessions or phone/skype. The sessions might cover a specific issue that has arisen or coach you through new skill development, or help keep you focused on what counts, therefore increasing your productivity.

Expert assistance and strategy to solve a specific issue or complete a specific task. For example improve tender submissions, boost existing BD activities, train BD staff on particular skills.

Ideal For

You have a pressing business issue and need answers, and recommendations on how to fix it. I provide that fresh perspective, that independent and external view that can be hard to achieve when you are actually ‘in’ the business. The problem could be insufficient sales, insufficient profit, or staff issues. There are a range of causes of these problems, but I’ll quickly identify the priority fixes so you have peace of mind and confidence in moving forward.

Supporting you and your business in progressing to the next level or through a challenging period. BTW – Ideal complement to the Troubleshooter package to help you implement required fixes. It’s tough at the top…and it’s an inner game as much as an outer game that must be played in order to succeed. And like any game there are rules and better strategies to help you win. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by business decisions, this is for you. This package allows you to bring significant horsepower to your business team without having to take on a business partner or business development manager.

You have a specific task with clear start and finish milestones such as launch of a new product, preparation of a business plan or business development strategy, or hiring new staff. We workout the time and fee required to complete your task and get it done. Frees up your time to focus on other business matters while completing that nagging task that’s been bugging you.
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What I can help you with

Whether you need troubleshooting, monthly or custom business coaching solutions, I specialise in four key aspects of your business:

  • Your Product
  • Your Pricing
  • Your Promotion, and
  • Your People

See a few testimonials here, and I can give you client contacts you can talk to to confirm how I work, results I get and my coaching style. 

With your products, there are many aspects I can help you with throughout the lifecycle of the product (or service) and this can include how they are selected, promoted, sold, supported and delivered. For example I can confirm which products you need to add or cull in order to hit your profit targets, or changes that need to be made to them. I have a manufacturing background and can help you with manufacturing efficiency issues and new product development and testing.

With pricing, so many businesses are not making a profit because they do not know the true cost of production or delivery of a service. I often work with the bookkeeper and accountant to get the numbers you need to accurately price your products/services. If you need to put prices up, I have a few strategies that prevent you losing customers in the process.

Promotion – there are many to promote your business and it can be confusing which to use and how. Many of the best ways are still the basic ones yet many businesses don’t get these right. I’ll confirm what needs to be done differently and whether any new strategies need to be implemented to get the results you need.

People are like the wheels on your business vehicle that is taking you to your desired destination. If you have the wrong wheels it creates a bumpy, stressful and even dangerous ride! There are some fundamentals in hiring, interviewing, training and managing that many businesses miss and as a result suffer. If you have staff performance or culture issues, I can sort it out. This can include coaching you on new management and leadership styles.

Complimentary Consultation:

If you are interested, I provide an obligation free consultation (valued at $220) where we can discuss a particular issue so you get some immediate benefit, and we can both get a good idea of whether we are a good fit to work together. It is important for me to be confident I can help you with your particular situation.

Best thing to do is give me a call and we can discuss your situation, and if I believe I can help, we can meet up for a complimentary session over a coffee or at your workplace.

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