Contract Business Development

When you think back over the past year in business, were there times you felt or thought you needed a Business Development Manager, but weren’t in a position to employee a fulltime BDM?

Do you remember thinking it would be great if you just had someone else to bounce ideas off and help you decide on what to do, or take some of the pressure off your shoulders? Or did you wish you could get some short term help for a product launch, staff hire, or expansion plan?  

As a specialised business coach in Melbourne I can help by joining your team as your contract Business Development Manager.

My background is business development in the environmental, manufacturing and service sectors. I’ve successfully turned around numerous companies I’ve worked for in addition to the 100+ I’ve helped as a coach.

I’ve worked in 6 countries for small businesses, international consultancies, not for profits, research institutes and government. This background has given me the skills to slot into any organisation and quickly build rapport with all staff up to the CEO. I’ve developed a keen eye for identifying new opportunities and reasons a business is not achieving targets. And the personal qualities to effectively motivate the staff to roll out new strategies or changes.

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“Four one hour sessions with David and we have had the best BAS quarter in ten years and repeated it again the next and with our new strategies we expect this to only continue to grow.”
Physio Therapist

“We implemented one strategy David gave us in our one hour session and it created an extra $10K-12K per month in sales.

Corporate Signage Company


Some Examples of How You Can Use Me

The contract BDM service I provide is more hands-on than traditional business coaching.

For example:

  • I attend meetings with you and your customers to brainstorm new products or strategy to win more work. Customers often don’t tell you as the business owner exactly what is going on. As a perceived ‘independent’, I find I can quickly gain their trust they tell me all kinds of great info on what needs improving, what they’d like to see added etc.
  • I can generate business growth strategies, prioritise tasks, and help you operationalise them. As the business owner with all the other pressures of running the show, it can be hard to think clearly and objectively about strategies. I provide you with a fresh unbiased perspective that helps you eliminate the noise and see clearly what you need to focus on and this not only accelerates your business but frees up your brain to relax or focus on other business topics.
  • I can manage your staff’s business development tasks each week and keep them on track for you.
  • I can conduct training of staff and help write marketing collateral and tenders.
  • I help you interview and pick staff. Your staff are key to your business growing or slowing. Yet so many business owners don’t hire well. I’m very experienced at assessing existing staff and new hires and can prevent you from hiring the wrong staff or keeping one’s that should be let go.
  • If you have an urgent business decision or question, you can give me a call or email to discuss, get a second opinion or kick ideas around. Being a business owner or Director can get pretty lonely and and the volume of decisions to be made can weigh heavy on your shoulders if you don’t have someone to discuss strategy with.

Basically I can provide a range of services depending upon your needs and this can change as your business grows.

Some clients just need me for a few hours, others for a few months.

How to Proceed?

If this sounds potentially of interest to you, get in touch and we can discuss your particular situation and goals.

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David has been a great help with my business. I started working with him close to 1 year ago. The first thing he did was create some very detailed spreadsheets that helped me to see where money was being made and lost. I then made some important pricing and service offering changes that resulted in immediately improved cash flow and more profit. David has been great to bounce ideas off as I expand my business and open more locations.