Help! Business is Dying!

This is my help page for businesses that are feeling they have no choice but to close or are finding it hard to pay bills.

This is not a great position to be in and I’ve been there myself. It really sucks and is extremely stressful and this has a negative flow-on effect to family and your health.

I appreciate in these really cash strapped times it’s hard to afford a business coach. However I’d still like to help if I can.

Obviously each business is unique – but there are some common strategies you can use to help improve the situation and with a bit of effort and positive attitude, they can be sufficient to get you out of the mess.

I’ve made a checklist of rescue strategies for you.

When things are extremely stressful it can be hard to think straight. This checklist provides actions that you can do immediately. There is rarely one thing you can do in order to turn things around so be prepared to try several or as many as you can.

And often it’s the things we dislike doing that need to be done. So be mindful of your thinking. If you are taking the easier options, question yourself and ask yourself if they will really be the most beneficial.

In tough times it’s time to step up and bring out your best and tackle the not so pleasant tasks.

Good luck. I’m here if you need more help.

Here’s a video with another strategy that is simple and can very quickly generate sales for you.