Process Improvement

“Within three months, David has helped me go from a stress level of 8/10 to 3-5/10, staff morale and productivity is back up, I’m excited about going to work, we hit $300K this month for the first time ever, I’m going to Japan for a holiday with the wife, and profit this year is $240K compared to $40K last year.”

Director and Owner, Steel Engineering and Fabrication Company

If you want to grow, spend more time with family in 2021, reduce stress, take longer holidays, earn more…good processes are essential.

You probably realise that good processes (i.e. systems and procedures), in the right place, are the key to a smooth running business vehicle that is comfortable, enjoyable to drive, creates a positive work environment, allows you to take time off, and takes you to your destination – whatever that might be.

Yet processes are often incomplete or ineffectively implemented and I appreciate why – running a business has many day to day distractions.

Common issues I resolve in businesses due to process issues are:

A key task is repeatedly missed or not done correctly. Despite repeated reminders.

Profits are too low. Sales are not consistent enough.

Customer feedback (or online rating) is dropping or not as high as it should be.

Too much time is wasted on a task or the task isn’t completed on time.

There are rising tensions amongst staff or growing frustrations about a particular staff member.

There are too many mistakes happening.


If these are happening in your business, let’s have a chat about what is required to fix them:

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“Working with David has been a welcome and fresh injection for my business. Even after the initial session I saw immediate results reflected within my energy levels, motivation, direction and business drive. David drills into the core of your business and its future potential, easily identifying its expansion points. Just knowing David is there for support helps keep me on track in terms of my goals and follow through.

I highly recommend David’s coaching  services for both new and existing business owners.”

Robyn Amott, Professional Organiser l BLESS THIS MESS

Sorting Out Process Issues

There are a number of ways I can support you.


We identify what isn’t happening and what should happen. Quite often I can confirm straight-up what the process should be or what needs to change.


If I can’t immediately identify the ‘what & the why’, the second step is to use a combination of the following to identify what you need:

  Questionnaire tool I’ve developed that scores and graphs various processes in your business to help confirm weak areas.

Discussions with the staff member responsible to understand their view on what is supposed to happen and why it isn’t happening, and what they believe should be done to resolve the issue. I’m a big fan of consulting staff on solutions however they are not always forthcoming when it is the boss asking the questions! I find they open up to me much more readily and I can then share this will you and we can work together on process solutions.

I often watch the process whether this is an admin process in the office or process out in the factory or in the field. I can usually very quickly see the issue or what changes need to be made. A large part of my career has been process improvement and thinking outside the square on how to do things differently in order to achieve an outcome.


The third step is documenting the process in whatever shape and form it needs to be in order for it to be used. Simple is key!

For example a recent client only needed to purchase a large whiteboard and use it to chart the stages of a project and as a result eliminated the bottle neck that was limiting cashflow. Another client needed to add a range of actions to the group calendar. And sometimes technology is needed – a manufacturing client implemented bar code scanners at each station to record and track time and efficiencies.

There are many ways and means to ensure your processes ‘work’, and I can help you decide what is best.

The fourth step is implementation. This is where the rubber meets the road and it is essential to not be precious about any process. 

Test the process, give it a time period to prove itself, if it doesn’t work, regroup, discuss and change it. Test it again. Repeat as required until it works. This is another step I can help support you and your team and ensure you don’t waste time.


Next step?

If you’d like to discuss your process issue, feel free to give me a call or send me an email via this enquiry link below. You can also opt-in to receive my free business development strategy ebook.

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