Solving Staff Performance Issues

Are you looking for help sorting out staff performance or productivity?

One of the most common issues I encounter is a frustration with staff performance.

This may be on the factory floor, in the office or on site.

Staff are the wheels on your business vehicle. If you have the wrong wheels or unbalanced wheels its a bumpy ride…even a dangerous ride!

The right employees, doing the right things consistently is the secret and it starts with how you hire and then onboard and manage your staff. I can help you with everything from hiring, onboarding and performance managing, as well as turning around problem staff. 

The good news is that 9 times out of 10, resolving the issue is actually not that hard. And I’m saying this based on my experience of working with over 200 businesses.

I regularly turn around poor performers the same day or completely turn around morale after one meeting with the staff.

I’m not saying this happens every time, or that I’ve got some magic power. I’m sharing this because I want to give you encouragement that your current staff performance issue is not necessarily hard to fix – no matter how many years it has been going on.

How can I help you ‘fix’ a staff issue?

First step is to have a chat about what the issue is. And then I can confirm if I can help and what the process would be. Click the link below or give me a call.

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Common strategies I use to solve people issues:

  • Training of staff so they work to their full potential
  • Working-out and improving processes that are not efficient or causing bottle necks
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities so no one can play the blame game and tasks get done when and how they should be done
  • Determining KPI’s to help give clarity on expectations, increase motivation and sense of achievement and help you confirm what needs to be done is being done
  • DISC behaviour profiling to confirm suitability for roles
  • Help with hiring the right people and onboarding them in a way that ensures you find out quickly if they are not a good fit, and if they are, they work to their full potential
  • Coaching on your leadership style (if required) so that you are more effective as a manager and business owner.

Contact me to discuss your situation and/or organise a complimentary session.

And you are more than welcome to contact some of my clients as a reference to my effectiveness and how I work.