“David helped me go from a stress level of 8 to 3, and increase profit by 6x.”

Director and Owner, Steel Engineering and Fabrication Company


 “We will finish 2014/15 up 65% from last year and 25% above forecast.”

Director Scott Howell reporting results after 6hrs of coaching

DavidLennon“Hi, thanks for stopping by. Whether you are a startup or an established business, in Melbourne or interstate, I can help and now is a great time to prepare for a successful 2022”.

I work with business owners in the manufacturing and service industries and I have coached and mentored over 200 businesses. I have had 8 of my own so I bring real world experience to my coaching/mentoring – I’m not a text book coach.

My specialty is turning around issues to do with your product, pricing, promotion and people. I have a 100% success track record and it is quite common to see profits double or triple within six months. Poor performance by a team can be turned around within weeks. 

Many of my clients have a good product/service but something is not working and they can’t see the wood for the trees. Some are so frustrated they are ready to give-in and close the doors. They just can’t figure out what to fix first and how. This is where I come in and solve this. I then provide the coaching/mentoring as required to ensure successful and quick implementation. I can also be your accountability coach, keeping you focused and on track – just this alone can triple your effectiveness. One thing you can’t buy more of in life is time, so it is essential you make the most of your time in business – and this creates more time for family and recreation.

All my advice is bespoke and tailored to your specific needs and situation. You won’t be signed up to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. And I don’t have lock-in contracts.

If you’ve reached that point where it’s time to do something different and increase your success in 2021…I look forward to discussing your needs.’


See below for the three core areas I can help you with.

Who Do I Work With?

My focus is manufacturing and service industries. I’ve had manufacturing businesses as well as consultancies. I admire any business that is manufacturing a product and I’m on a mission to see more manufacturing return to Australia! 

My most successful clients are ones that have a passion to deliver a great service and are open to change and embracing their role in the process.

I can work with you via Zoom or face to face (once restrictions lift!). I am Melbourne based but I work with businesses in any city or town.


Download my free Covid survival guide.

In this Guide I Cover:

> Five effective leadership styles and strategies for a pandemic

> The difference between managing and leading

> Two powerful decision making strategies

> Managing the mental health of you and your team – proven and practical strategies

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Within three months, David has helped me go from a stress level of 8/10 to 3-5/10, staff morale and productivity is back up, I’m excited about going to work, we hit $300K this month for the first time ever, I’m going to Japan for a holiday with the wife, and profit this year is $240K compared to $40K last year.

Director and Owner, Steel Engineering and Fabrication Company

Four one-hour small business mentoring sessions with David and we have had the best BAS quarter in ten years and repeated it again the next and with our new strategies we expect this to only continue to grow.

Physio Therapist Centre

Couldn’t recommend David enough to any business that needs help getting to the next level or may feel stuck or overwhelmed with the day to day duties of running a business. Great guy, very easy to communicate with and has become a good friend!

Cameron McLean, Managing Director at DI Sign Group

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