My Background as a Business Owner and Coach

Firsthand Experience

As a leading business coach in Melbourne the strategies and advice I share with you are based on real world firsthand experience and success in a diverse range of industries, supplemented by a lot of study and a natural eye for quickly troubleshooting businesses and identifying priority fixes. I don’t see things as they are but as they could be. I think outside the square and I’m passionate about innovation – essential in this fast paced business world.

As a result my clients literally double their profits – in some cases in just one session with me. Every business is unique and we don’t have to stop at doubling your profits, we can go further or you may be happy with a 20-50% increase.

Just a few one-hour sessions can save you 1 to 2 years of delay and heartache. It really is that easy when you know how.

I have several of my own businesses here and in the Middle East. I’ve launched 8 start-ups, many on a shoe string but turned them into industry leaders in their field within two years.

In fact I didn’t even register the business name for my latest startup (Reef Design Lab) until we had $120K worth of contracts. This is not a strategy that will work for everyone, but I’m a big fan of testing ideas quickly and cheaply before spending a lot of time and money on them. Therefore we first proved we had a product that people would buy before registering the business.

I’ve discovered a straight forward formula for leap frogging competition and quickly becoming seen by customers as a leading supplier.

I’ve also held Business Development Manager roles for national companies such as SKM, KBR, Amdel, Consultation Manager and Gale Pacific and I’ve helped win back major accounts, expand business into new territories, develop and launch a range of different products and services, and win overseas contracts.

Overall I’ve had 17 years experience testing and proving strategies to grow businesses, develop innovative strategies and commercialise new products and programs.

Depth of Experience

I’ve worked in manufacturing, consulting, tourism, government, research institutes, universities, not-for-profits, community groups and small business. I have worked in Australia, US, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Cyprus, Indonesia, Fiji, and Antigua. Therefore I have a broad appreciation and understanding of different cultures and business practices.

I have marketed and sold products and services to everyone from the Mum and Dad end user to industry or Government here and overseas.

I have expanded businesses interstate and taken many products overseas, especially the Middle East as I’ve found this is a great way to provide cash flow for slow startups in Australia or down turns in local markets. Currently I’m a Director of two Australian companies and one Bahrain company.

I have marketed and sold software, laboratory services, consulting services, ecotours, environmental products and programs, and water conservation products to Bunnings and water authorities. Therefore I have a very good understanding of the unique needs and requirements of different businesses and customers. This helps me quickly appreciate your situation and your customer base, and the most approapriate strategy to help you.

I Love Coaching!

I am passionate about coaching because of the tremendous benefits it has – not just to an individual owner or business but the wider community and family members.

I haven’t forgotten the stressful cash poor times I had in business before I discovered coaches and mentors.

And people overlook the fact that stress in a business flows on to family life and can take its toll on marriages and our kids. In fact not too long ago I had a client on the verge of divorce because of the stress associated with a failing business, but after 6 weeks of me working with him the wife came back into the business because of the positive changes and things just got better from there and divorce avoided!

I discovered my passion for coaching when I started helping people to scuba dive at 16 and working in a dive centre on my weekends and holidays. I quickly gained a reputation for being able to teach the ‘unteachable’ that the main instructors couldn’t. I have been a volunteer business mentor for the Glen Eira City Council business partners program for 6 years because of my love for sharing and helping small businesses.

And due to having 8 startups of my own, I’ve ‘been there and done that’…I’ve experienced the pain, the heart ache, the stress and the flow-on effect to family life that insufficient sales or a struggling business can cause.

On the flip side I’ve experienced the dramatic shift that can take place with a good business advisor and the joy of working less but earning more. If I can help someone else avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I’ve made…AND experience the fun and joy of working less but making more…then I’m a happy man!

I’ll treat your business with the respect and the care I would give my own.


And I promise, that if I can’t help you or you are not satisfied at any stage of the process, there will be no charge.


Thank you to David Lennon for his work as a business mentor
Thank you to David Lennon for his work as a business mentor