Show Me the Money

“I think I have a good business and product, but why aren’t I making any money!!!?”

If you are thinking this or something close, this is my specific program for you.

And trust me, you are not alone.

This is quite a common problem so I have put together a specific program to quickly troubleshoot your business and provide you with my recommended fixes.

How does it work and how long does it take?

The ‘Show me the Money’ program consists of 3 main activities.

1. First I conduct a quick audit of your business using a specific questionnaire I’ve developed and a face to face (or skype) discussion with you about your business details. The questionnaire only takes 15 minutes and our one-to-one discussion takes approximately 1 to 1.5hrs.

2. Second step involves me sitting down and reviewing your business information, website, marketing material, budgets, pricing etc and your questionnaire results (I may call you or email you if I have a question). This is completed within a week.

3. The final step is we discuss in person or via phone/skype my findings and my recommended fixes. This takes 1 hour. There will be some fixes you can implement yourself and quickly, and this may be all you need to do. You will have a new level of clarity that you haven’t had about your business.

You will be able to plan a way forward and I find many business owners feel a massive reduction in stress because they can now see a solution and opportunity.

Some fixes may require more time, money, and specific expertise such as rebuilding a website, hiring new staff, changing manufacturing methods etc. Just like getting a car fixed, somethings like filling washer fluid or putting air in the tires is easy. Other repairs require new parts and an appropriate mechanic.

Ultimately this program will answer that burning question, ‘why aren’t I making any money’.

Imagine how it will feel to finally clear-up the mystery and start making money. And most importantly you will know what to do to fix it. Can’t fix what you don’t know needs fixing!

The program may also confirm what you suspected and sometimes all of us in business need that external confirmation of what to focus on. It will give you confidence to take action because you will know what you need to do fix it.

How much does it cost?

The standard ‘Show me the Money’ program for the average business will cost you just $497 per + GST

Remember this is a tax deductible expense so costs you less than this and I’m very confident you will be able to immediately implement changes that will generate more than 10x or even 100x the cost, AND save you literally years of going down the wrong path.

Please note: I always discuss your situation beforehand to confirm this is the best program for you and if I think there may be some variations in timing or costs. In some cases, businesses need to spend some time collecting relevant data or working with their accountants or book keepers to get the numbers I need. We can discuss this and any other questions you have before we commence.

Guarantee – as with all my services and programs, I offer a no questions asked guarantee so that in the unlikely event you are not fully satisfied I will refund your money.


How do I get started?

If interested, just give me a call on: 0400 520 471

Or send an email via the contact form below.


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Look forward to finding those dollars you are missing! 🙂

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