Services to Double Your Profit

How’s 2019 looking? Is it going to be a repeat of 2018?

If you are looking for strategies to take your business to the next level, or you are frustrated with things in the business that just aren’t working, or you can’t take a holiday without things falling apart…then we should talk. I can help.

I provide tailored troubleshooting and coaching services specific to your business and to your personal situation.

If you are in a situation where you feel or think something is not quite right with your profits, your sales, your products or services, but you don’t have the knowledge, time or you’re too close to the business to objectively see what it is, then I can help.

My specialty is quickly identifying the number one issue, and the strategies to increase profits and it is quite common to double or triple profits fairly quickly.

I’m not saying I can do this in EVERY business. But after working with over 200 businesses, there are some fundamental mistakes that I’ve seen repeatedly happening that are putting the brakes on the business.

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It is no different than being lost without a GPS and driving around and around. All you need are some directions and you get to the destination quickly. It doesn’t mean you needed a new car or new driving skills – just needed directions to make a massive difference.

Many of my clients are technically very good at their trade but have had no real training in how to run or grow a business. It’s not hard but there is a formula and mindset required to succeed in the game of business. Mindset is king and often overlooked. If you don’t truly believe you can have the success, you won’t have it in your hand no matter what you do.

The formula’s, the strategies and mindset coaching you will gain will be one’s that you can use for the rest of your business and personal life.

If you think back over the past business year and the time or money wasted going in wrong directions, or the stress you’ve taken home to your family, then now is the time to act and make 2019 a great year. The next time you are experiencing your business issues, think of me and give me a call or email. It’s very easy to get started.

Nothing will please me more than seeing your business running better than ever.

The key areas I specialise in troubleshooting and helping you with are:


Is there an issue with your products/services that might be causing slow sales but you are not sure what exactly?

It can be the packaging, the actual product, the delivery, or the package of products are no longer cutting edge and you are not sure what to change, how to develop and launch a new product. As the business owner and perhaps inventor of your products/services, it can be very hard to be objective and see the faults in your products. I use a range of proven strategies I’ve developed and used for over 15 years to give you an accurate independent assessment and recommendations of what needs to happen.


Is your pricing accurate and sustainable? Is it making you the profit you need or are you feeling you are working harder, growing, but still not taking home enough cash?

A very common issue I see is that business owners do not know the real cost to produce and deliver their products/services. If you do not know this cost, you are probably missing out on a lot of profit or worse, you are going backwards.

I see many businesses selling the products they like to sell but they are the ones that are losing them money. Or their pricing of packages is incorrect. I will give you clarity on costs and the numbers you need to monitor on a monthly basis in order to make profitable decisions. The added benefit is that once you know the true costs, you can be more confident in what you charge.


Are you unsure what sort of promotion you should run, or how to write a marketing campaign, or don’t seem to be getting results from existing campaigns and marketing collateral?

Are you wondering how to expand into new territories? I’ll troubleshoot any existing campaigns, marketing collateral, websites, signup forms etc. A

nd remember every contact point with a customer creates an impression, and either encourages or discourages the customer, so I look at how you are presenting your products, quotes, emails, proposals, reception, uniforms, and vehicles.


At the end of the day business is only stressful when you don’t have the right people.

Many businesses fail or are failing because they just don’t hire the best people for the job. It’s an art and a skill but I’ll show you strategies and systems that significantly improve your hires and I can assist in interviews.

And I can assess your current staff and provide recommendations on how to get the most from them. If needed, I can help you roll out the required fixes.

You will be surprised at how simple some of them are. For example it can just be a few new sentences on your website or in your sales pitch that open the flood gates. I appreciate that when you are ‘in’ the business and things are not working or it’s stuck, the solutions can seem too complex or too hard, or nowhere in sight.

I quickly clarify what you need to focus on and how, and then you will find it all becomes clear and achievable.


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The common areas I help you personally as the business owner:

1. Direction – I help you go from ‘unclear’ to ‘clear’ on the direction you need to take in order to reach your goal. As your coach I am your sounding board.

I provide a crucial independent assessment of the ideas you have plus recommendations of solutions based on my 20yrs of business experience plus the lessons I’ve learned from coaching 100’s of other businesses.

Have you ever driven around and around lost? And then you asked one person directions and got to your destination in minutes? This happens in business. When we don’t know the most direct path to a goal we can waste years and many thousands of dollars – we can even go bankrupt, lose the house, lose the marriage. With me on your team I will show you the most direct path.


2. Strategies for more sales and profit – one of my core skills is quickly seeing the blocks to more sales and strategies to increase sales and profit.

The strategies are not just text book theory but based on my real world experience of fast tracking growth, winning new or lost customers in a diverse range of industries.


3. Accountability – as your coach, I can triple your productivity by keeping you focused on the most important tasks, and being that external person that holds you accountable for taking action and completing tasks.

Lets face it, life is full of distractions and its human nature to do the easy tasks first. As a result the weeks go by and we are no closer to our goals.

I can keep you accountable and to a level that you are comfortable with, OR, with your permission I’ll push you hard and bring the best out of you, your ‘A’ game.


If any of the three above apply to you…give me a call today on 0400-520-471 or contact me via email for an obligation free session where we can discuss your goals and needs in detail. I will recommend some initial actions to help you and the options of how we can work together.


A few common feelings or situations that may relate to you

  • Are you feeling all business decisions are on your shoulders and you wished that you had an experienced business associate to bounce ideas off and help develop strategies?
  • Do you need help writing winning proposals and tender documents?
  • Planning to start a new business and need a fresh and expert review or help with your business plan to make sure you are on the right track and reduce costly mistakes?
  • Do you need help identifying strategies to take your business to the next level, give yourself more free time, and enjoy having the business work for you?
  • Do you need someone to conduct some ‘secret shopping’ of your product/stores in order to gain genuine insights as to why your business or sales might be suffering?
  • Do you wish you had a business development manager but are unable to hire a fulltime BDM?
  • Do you need someone in the background to help keep you motivated and on track? I personally know too well how easy it is to focus on the work at hand and put other less ‘enjoyable’ tasks to the bottom of the pile!
  • Are you interested in expanding overseas or into the Middle East market? I am a partner and founder of a company (Reef Arabia) in Bahrain and have been dealing with the Middle East (Saudi, Bahrain, UAE) since the 90′s. I also have licenses to manufacture and sell a US product in Australia. Therefore I have a lot of tips and essential knowledge to share.


How long does it take? How are the above delivered?

I provide the direction and assistance you need via three different options:

  • Hourly basis including 1, 5, 10 or 20 hour blocks. The more hours you buy generates greater savings to you.
  • Predetermined timeframe – you may have a specific task you need help with, therefore I will quote a fixed fee or agreed rate.
  • Monthly retainer – if you (or your team) need ongoing coaching and business advice over 3 or more months, the most economical way is the monthly retainer option. This option provides excellent value for money because you can access my experience and strategies and have me on your team as your ‘business development manager’ without having to hire another fulltime employee. We meet at agreed intervals and you have unlimited email and calls to me.

For more details of the monthly Business Development Manager option, click here. If you’d like to book an obligation free session with me, click here.


New to Business Coaching?

Are you wondering what coaching is exactly and whether it’s what you need? Always feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email to discuss, however in the meantime, here’s my explanation of business coaching. Lets first look at sport as an analogy.

Coaching is widely accepted and understood when it comes to sport. If we or our kids are wanting to improve in a sport, fix a bad stroke that isn’t working, raise our game to a new level to beat the competition, we appreciate that this often requires a coach and a good coach can save us a huge amount of time and frustration. Yet for some reason, when it comes to running a business, not many people think of hiring a coach to coach them on their business game.

Matching the right coach for the task is important. You wouldn’t hire a golf coach to help you with your swimming.

Same in business. It is important the coach has the right mix of skills for what you are needing. Hence the reason I always first discuss with you your current situation and challenges or goals in order to confirm I am the right coach for you.

Your success is what drives me and motivates me and gives me the most satisfaction…in fact its why I am in the business of helping businesses. I want you to succeed otherwise I am not happy – therefore if I believe I am not the most appropriate coach for you I will let you know and most likely can recommend a coach that is or a different strategy. If I do believe I can help you, its important you do was well. That way we are both comfortable working together.

At the end of the day, improving your business game requires action. If you don’t act, nothing will change.

And to help you take action I use motivational strategies based on the latest research in motivational psychology – a system no one else that I know of is using in the business field. As the saying goes, doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

I will provide you with clear direction like a business GPS that quickly provides clear directions to get to your destination. If you’ve ever driven around and around trying to find somewhere getting increasingly frustrated and then you stop and get directions and you quickly get to your destination.

Same with business coaching. I find that in just a few short sessions I can easily save you 12 months even 3-5 years of headache and frustration. It is important to point out that coaching doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. Just like the driving lost analogy, it is often very quick to hit a destination once you have clear directions on how to get there. Clear and effective directions can save you huge amounts of time. Each client is different but the process of providing clear and effective guidance is generally the same and consists of working through 3 main steps – where are you at, where do you want to go, and how do you get there.

First I need to understand where your business is at right now and why and your goals (eg turnover, profit, freetime). Unless it is just an hour session on a specific topic, I typically sit down with you and gain an understanding of where your business is at and why. I can help. Over the phone, in person, for a minute, an hour, a day or a week – as you need and when you need. You only pay for time you use and you can relax knowing I’m there in the background ready to help when needed.