How to Write a Winning Email

There can be a tendency to not spend enough time getting them right, so they grab attention, promote benefits and have a call to action.

Those of us in the environmental field are not all sales people, yet we are often writing emails that promote our product/services or requesting a call to action.

Here’s some tips to boost the effectiveness of your emails.

o Grab attention via the title – 80% of people will only read your title, yet little time is often spent thinking of a good title. Make sure you include a catchy title that motivates them to open the email. For example, it might be a question, controversial, provocative or combo of both. “50% of the GBR is Dead”. “Are you contributing to the death of turtles?”

o Spend half your time on the email content and half on the title.

o Use bullets, bold or underline in your email to make it easy to see the key messages or benefits you are offering. We are all time poor and competing for people’s attention. Don’t make it hard to see key points you want them to see. Keep paragraphs to just a couple sentences.

o Structure your email message so it’s showing how you will help your customer move away from pain and towards pleasure. We are wired to avoid pain.

Always cover both – how does your product/service/campaign help them avoid pain, gain pleasure? Never ever assume the reader will automatically figure it out for themselves.

A key way to do this is ask yourself if you are just listing technical specs without mentioning benefits? A problem I’m guilty of and see a lot with clients is only listing specs (dimensions, weight, number of modules, components, price, warranty, certifications etc) and this is common for those of us that developed the product/service because we developed the technical specs in the first place, and are proud of them. NEVER assume the reader will translate specs into benefits! Make sure you take out the guess work and state the benefits.

o ALWAYS use a ‘ps’ at the bottom. Second highest read part of the email! Use it for a call to action, deadline reminder, special offer.
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