WOW Wednesday

Does your business standout?

Does your business standout?

Do you have a ‘wow factor’ in your business?

Is there something you do that makes customers go ‘Wow!’ and they can’t resist telling friends on FB, blogs, face to face?
If not you should!
And Wednesday is a good day to brainstorm with yourself or your team or a friend or partner what your WOW might be.
Cheap! Wow’s can be really cheap but have HUGE value to your customers and help you standout amongst all the noise and averageness.
I just bought new headlight globe for my car at Autobarn and the guy came out and fitted the globe for me. Wow!
My wife loves buying clothes from
They include a hand written thank you note in every order. Wow!
I recently did a mindfulness retreat in Bali and every day I’d come back to my room and find a towel made into a cute animal on my bed and it would be wearing my sunglasses! Wow!  I definitely took pictures and posted that around the place giving them increased publicity.
Simple stuff but often overlooked and not considered in a business.
Your WOW factor can be your guarantee, that extra effort, free gift, convenience, ease of use, ease of disposal…sky is the limit!
Happy wowing…and if you need help, I specialise in teasing out and identifying what your WOW factor can be in your business.
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