Benefits, not Features!

Want to stretch your piriformis? Or checkout our new fabric?

If you are writing copy for your website, flyers, emails or making sales calls this week, remember your customer is interested in BENEFITS. And as business owners, close to our work, it can be bloody hard to break away from the ‘technical’ and features.

I get my suits made by a company that comes to Melbourne and custom tailors them and they call up every couple months saying they are in town. They called yesterday and asked if I wanted to see their new fabrics, new shirts. What is the benefit to me of that?

Sometimes I might be interested in ‘new’ but I’m interested in latest fashion, iron free shirts, eco-friendly cotton etc etc. If he had just dropped one sentence about these he would have increased the chances of hooking me, capturing my curiosity.

Pilates – spent yesterday afternoon developing better words for a great pilates business. We had a lot of fun. They love their technical stuff and procedures and muscles (eg piriformis) but that isn’t what the customer is buying. Some might be looking for the technical but most are looking to solve a specific ache, pain or range of motion issue. The content must address the benefits, the outcome…after all that is what the customer wants in exchange for their money – an outcome.

Check if you are focusing or mentioning the positive OUTCOME for your clients.

I call this unpacking the box. This strategy might help you.

You can look at your text or sales script and draw boxes around technical features.

Then ‘unpack’ that box. Ask yourself or your team…’what are the benefits of this feature?’ Put them on the whiteboard.

Only takes a few mins to do this but you will experience:
– Immediate improvement in sales
– Increased conversions
– You’ll reach your financial targets 3x quicker.
– And it’s a strategy you’ll make money from for the rest of your business life ($100K’s to millions!)and achieve that dream house, business class holidays, financial security.

That was my attempt at stating some benefits! 🙂

Another example: I can say I work with a client for 30-50 mins and they gain clarity. That’s nice. What does clarity mean to my client? Big deal, they got some ‘clarity’! LOL

If we unpack the clarity box…it can mean an end to weeks of wasted time and energy and lost opportunity from stressing about what to do. Clarity for my client could mean focused action in the most effective direction so they hit financial targets far quicker. Just like driving lost and asking for directions, it doesn’t matter how long you have been lost, the directions make all the difference, they don’t take long to receive, and you get to your destination.

So there you go, hope this helps! Get unpacking!

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