Disruptive Leadership


Disruptive Leadership by Sharon Pearson is a revolutionary new way to structure and manage any size business or organisation so that they achieve outstanding financial results, outstanding staff  and customer satisfaction, and don’t need micro managing.


Situations that Benefit from Disruptive Leadership:

  • You have a good product or service but some staff just aren’t performing and the business is not doing as well as you feel it should. There is no defined culture and staff do the bare minimum.
  • You have aggressive growth targets and want to make sure you use the best leadership systems available to select, support and champion the team required to hit the targets, on time and on budget.
  • When the cat is away, the mice will play. When you are not present, quality slips, productivity is average and you dread taking holidays because you know things will not get done as you’d like.
  • You feel the business is not as efficient or profitable as it should be, however you are not clear on where to start or what should be done to improve this.


I’m personally very excited about the Disruptive Leadership model because I’ve seen a lot in my 20+yrs of business in 6 countries. And this model is really amazing in its simplicity and effectiveness. I love it. And so do my clients.


Disruptive Leadership training can be completed in three main ways and I’m more than happy to discuss your needs and explain which package would best suit.

  • BRONZE – Self paced learning (includes videos, comprehensive manuals and worksheets)
  • SILVER – Self paced learning with my support
  • GOLD – Full program with needs analysis, psychometric profiling, regular training and mentoring for you and/or team members


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It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for David Lennon, Troubleshooter & Business Coach.

In early 2016 I engaged David Lennon’s services as I needed a fresh pair of eyes on my businesses to assist me in sorting out issues relating to staff and procedures etc.  I also wanted to get a better understanding about what I personally wanted to achieve as the business owner, and how I was going to be able to achieve this.

I chose David as I felt comfortable with him straight away and he gave me confidence that I had engaged the right person.  My staff of 18 also took to David straight away which made me confident that I had made the right choice.

There were a number of problems that had been building up over the last few years in the businesses, and it was great to be able to talk these issues through with another person who was impartial.  Engaging David also had a positive influence on my team members, as it made them confident that he was going to assist us all to reach our goals to make the business better.

David interviewed the team individually to ascertain where everyone felt the business was heading, and also to find out what each team members goals and aspirations were.  This in turn gave us a good understanding of where to go to from this point.  David also conducted Personality Profiles on each team member, including myself, which was invaluable in assisting us to understand each other better and also each others working style.

We had regular group meetings with David, which was a great opportunity for David to understand our business culture and for the team to be involved in the changes required for the business to move forward positively.

When I engaged David’s services, the businesses was running at about 6/10, now after 4 short months, we are looking at an 8-9/10!  The team are happier coming to work, I have achieved a more positive outlook on where the businesses are heading and where I want them to go, and I have established what is important to myself in relation to my personal goals!

David was very responsive with questions I had throughout the 4 months and made me feel like we were a real team, so did the staff.

I have no hesitation in using David’s services again in the future should I require it and would highly recommend David to any size business.

Peter Hearn, Director

Buy Wise Inspection

Pest Police Australia