Where’s Your Thermostat Set At?

Where’s your thermostat set at?
We ALL have a thermostat.
Our thermostats are set at levels that keep us ‘comfortable’.
Comfortable with a certain level of effort, risk, potential for rejection, wealth, love…
And guess what? Your thermostat in business is dictating your level of business success.
To achieve a higher level of success, we need to push into an area of uncomfortableness by setting our thermostat higher.
It is a universal law that none of us can avoid. And I’ll give a few examples below…
Next time you are doing something important for growth in your business, notice where your thermostat is set at.
You can determine your thermostat setting by noticing the little voice in your head that says, “that’s enough, I’ll stop here”.
It’s like the foot on the accelerator in your business vehicle. You push it only as far as you are comfortable or as far as societal rules, or family programming dictate is ‘acceptable’.
In fact its a combo of what you are doing with the accelerator (how fast you go), steering wheel (where you take the business), gear lever (maximum speed achievable in the gear you have chosen).
What can you do? Just turn your thermostat up by 10%…(more if you wish!)
> Instead of contacting 10 potential new clients today, contact 11.
> Instead of quoting a job for $X, quote it at $X+10% with option for wonderful extras you wouldn’t normally bother to suggest.
> Instead of leaving a networking event as soon as it is finished, hang round for 10 mins longer.
> Instead of writing 10 blogs this month, do 11.
> Instead of sending out 100 thank you cards, send out 110.
I’m sure you get the picture.
The key is to recognise that to get something different, we have a thermostat keeping us comfy and sometimes we need to turn it up a notch. 🙂

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