Use Your Vision and Values to Boost Business

1. Hire the right people

Assess existing staff and candidates you are interviewing by asking yourself this question, “Will this person help take my business to my vision?”

“Do they share the same values?”

You might be surprised at the answer.

I’ve seen business owners that are chronic bad hirers turn things around just by doing this.

You also attract better candidates when you include your vision and values in your job ads.

It can scare away the one’s that are not serious and motivate the one’s that resonate with them. And that is what you want.

2. Test your marketing collateral

Hold your marketing and your vision and values side by side and ask yourself if there is a match.

Are they in alignment?

Does your marketing take your business towards your vision?

Does it express your values?

3. Share it!

Don’t hide your Vision or Values.

Especially if you depend upon repeat business. We ‘buy’ people, not just products.

As a customer, we are looking for certainty and a match to our own values, therefore the more we know about the values and vision of a business, the more ‘certain’ we feel about doing business.


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