Trick Your Brain To Help You Succeed

Use these 3 powerful strategies to trick your brain into helping you succeed by unlocking the solutions it has hidden.

# Trick 1

Instead of saying “I can’t afford it”, rephrase it with “How can I afford it?”

I learnt this technique 16 years ago when starting my property investing and in three years I went from regularly saying “I can’t afford it” to finding ways to afford property in WA, Qld and VIC.

Try it. When you say “how can I afford it?” your brain gets on task and works to help you see ways you CAN afford it. Saying you ‘can’t afford it’ can only cause your brain to do one thing and that is confirm how you can’t. Apply this technique in business when faced with an expense whether it’s hiring, marketing, new equipment, training, whatever.

# Trick 2

“I don’t know” versus “I don’t know…yet”.

Try it. Repeat each one and note how you feel after saying it. Can you feel the difference?
First one shuts done solutions and is a deadend. Second one triggers the brain to unlock hidden knowledge.

# Trick 3

“I’m confused” versus “I’m seeking clarification”

First one reinforces an unhelpful state that is a deadend. Try them and note how you feel after each one. This is a great one to encourage staff to use. Whether it’s in meetings, daily activities or conversation.

Start using one of these today.

Moral of the story is watch your language! Our brains are like the internet. Our language is like the search terms we enter. If we google “how to…?” we get all kinds of random ‘how to’ suggestions. If we use more accurate and specific search terms, eg “how to make chocolate cake” we get the answers we are looking for. No brainer! 🙂 Our brains may be complex and amazing but they are actually quite simple to operate…once we know how.

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