Testimonial and Example of What it Takes

Here is a lovely testimonial from a current client that has made major improvements to his business. Darren is a great example of how easy it can be to take a business to the next level and higher. And he isn’t an unusual case.

I’m not saying it hasn’t required ‘work’ but the work required is quite straight forward and easy when you know what to do, and you have the willingness to do things differently. This is key.

Like the old saying…”change can happen in an instant but getting ready to change can take a lifetime”.






Darren’s crews were never completing jobs on budget, he was always having to pick and choose which bills he paid, and he often took a pay cut along with his business partner so they could pay the staff.

What was required to turn things around?

  1. Detailed discussion with both business partners about how the business is run, the issues, and their goals.
  2. Interviews with key staff and crew team leaders to get their take on what needed improving and my personal take on their suitability for the role and company.
  3. Both partners completed my custom questionnaire I have developed over the years to help benchmark strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Plan of attack – I prepared my recommended actions and timing.
  5. Implementation – they immediately implemented changes the same day we discussed what needed doing, and this is a key reason they succeeded. They took immediate action.
  6. I supported them along the way in the implementation phase so that they had support to follow through, stay focused and had the skills to facilitate the changes. Change had to occur within the two partners as well and this is where I acted as their personal coaches to improve their leadership style.

It has only taken three months to completely turn the business around and get all crews bringing jobs in under budget, the office staff are efficient and happy, and there is over $100K in the bank already, gst and super and wages are all being paid.


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