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Don’t Ask for a Meeting or Reply!


This can be due to several reasons, but here is one that you may not have thought of or considered.
A client today had a lightbulb moment regarding their issue of prospects not returning their calls or replying to emails.

It highlighted how easy it is to be more in OUR world instead of being more in THEIRS. And as a result we get ignored.

My client was telling me:

“I’ve asked them many times to meet so we can explain our service, I’ve even invited them to come to one of our sites and see our work firsthand! And I’ve given them names of clients they can call to confirm we are good.”

I translated this for him so he could understand what the prospect may be hearing:

“So you want me to interrupt my day and give you time I don’t have in my overloaded schedule, to help you, a stranger, make money?”

The penny dropped. Yes he’s got a good service but everyone is busy. And he was approaching his business development from the perspective of himself. So every email or phone message was asking the prospect to agree to an action and add yet another task to their already overflowing to-do list. Even replying to an email is an extra task they don’t need.

The solution was to brainstorm a range of ways he can remind them he exists and how he can ‘give’  value before asking for something from them.

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Marketing is the LAST thing you need!

Would you consider it smart business practice to invest in a marketing campaign that promotes a product that actually loses you money? Or a product that delivers 150% less profit than one of your other products and ties up staff time?

I’m bringing this up because on the one hand marketing is ESSENTIAL (if you don’t have a marketing campaign it’s like building a great car with all the bells and whistles but not bothering to put an engine in it), BUT before you plan and roll out your marketing plan, you GOT TO KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE SELLING!

Marketing is the LAST thing you need – Click to view larger and download.