Solving People Issues in the Workplace

One of the most common issues I encounter is a frustration with staff performance.

The good news is that 9 times out of 10, resolving the issues is actually not that hard!

A vehicle analogy is a great way to look at a business.

Your business is a vehicle that can take you to your desired destination – whatever that destination may be for you personally.

Staff are the wheels on your vehicle.

If you have the wrong wheels for the terrain they won’t grip and create enough forward momentum. A lot of energy and resources are wasted.

If you have the wrong shape or size wheels it can be a bumpy and even dangerous ride.

If you have unbalanced wheels the ride can be annoying and hard to keep on track.

And…your staff are riding in your vehicle and they need clarity in where the vehicle is going. If they don’t know, they will start losing interest, looking out the window or thinking about getting off your vehicle.

One of the simplest and most effective ways I’ve turned low staff motivation around is simply by getting the business owner to let them know where the bus is going.

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How I Can Help

First I’d love to have a quick chat about your specific situation and challenges to confirm I can help. If I believe I can, I will confirm what I think the most cost effective approach will be.

For example, a common strategy is to assess your current staff using a couple techniques that are quick and effective.

In essence, I conduct a check of the wheels you currently have on your business vehicle and the terrain they need to cover, and give you my professional opinion of any issues or changes required.

From this assessment we can discuss and workout a strategy to resolve any issues.

Quite often the fix is very simple. It can be as easy as balancing a wheel and only take an hour and the ride significantly improves.

Common strategies I use to solve people issues:

  • Training of staff so they work to their full potential
  • Working-out and improving processes that are not efficient or causing bottle necks
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities so no one can play the blame game and tasks get done when and how they should be done
  • Determining KPI’s to help give clarity on expectations, increase motivation and sense of achievement and help you confirm what needs to be done is being done
  • DISC behaviour profiling to confirm suitability for roles
  • Help with hiring the right people and onboarding them in a way that ensures you find out quickly if they are not a good fit, and if they are, they work to their full potential
  • Coaching on your leadership style (if required) so that you are more effective as a manager and business owner.

Contact me to discuss your situation and/or organise a complimentary session.

And you are more than welcome to contact some of my clients as a reference to my effectiveness and how I work.