OMG – sales people, pls, ask questions!!!!!

Just got off the phone with a salesperson with a service I actually want but she didn’t stop talking long enough for me to ask a single question. She just kept throwing more and more and more and more and more and more and……more info at me.

Rookie mistake.

Their focus is all about THEM and getting what THEY want.

  • Good sales people make the interaction about the PROSPECT.
  • Good sales people remain neutral and don’t mind if they get a no.
  • Good sales people have one goal…provide a product or service that best matches the customers needs.

This is how you get a good match and create raving fans that refer more customers to you. And I have yet to meet a business that didn’t tell me referrals are their number one lead generation tool.

To do this requires asking questions, and tailoring the info to specifically answer those questions.

When pitching your product or service, regularly check-in with them to confirm you are providing the info they want.

State a feature or benefit in one sentence, and ask “Is this something that is important to you?”

Don’t waste their time or yours talking about a feature for 5 mins only to find out they don’t care about that.