Is Your Website Delivering Certainty?

Remember your customers #1 core need is certainty.
Is your website delivering certainty????

Your customers are looking for certainty that:
– you can deliver what they need (make sure you have enough description of benefits and not just technical specs)
– you can deliver on time
– you provide good value for money
– you are safe to purchase from
– you will provide support if something goes wrong
– you are experienced and have relevant qualifications or insurances
– you are who you say you are – real photos instead of generic photos from the internet
– you are a trusted supplier
– you are used by many others or by well known brands or businesses

Therefore spend 5 mins looking at your website and ask yourself, or your colleagues, “does the wording and imagery deliver sufficient certainty?”

Is there enough certainty on that home page?

Testimonials and star ratings are one of the best delivers of certainty and that is why they work so well and are so important. There is nothing like social proof. Do you have enough testimonials or star ratings or awards on your homepage?

Get creative – brainstorm with your team how you might deliver more certainly via your website.

One small change can make all the difference.

BTW – it doesn’t just apply to your website either. Use this thinking when assessing or writing your proposals, brochures, flyers, ads, posts etc etc etc.

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