Brain Hack: 3 Strategies to Boost Your Success

Here are 3 powerful strategies to trick your brain into helping you succeed.

Using them regularly will rewire your brain and improve your ability to quickly connect to answers rather than blocks.

Our brains are like the internet. Our language is like the search terms we enter. If we Google “how to…?” we get all kinds of random ‘how to’ suggestions. If we use more accurate and specific search terms, eg “how to make chocolate cake” we get the answers we are looking for. Same with our self talk – it can help to be more specific.

Trick 1: Ask how

Instead of saying “I can’t afford it”, rephrase it with “How can I afford it?” Or “How can we afford it?” Or “How can we overcome this issue?”

When you say “how can I afford it?” your brain looks for ways that you CAN afford it. Use this for business or investment situations. I discovered this 16yrs ago when I started investing in property and it helped me obtain properties in WA, VIC and Qld.

Trick 2: Just add ‘yet’

“I don’t know” versus “I don’t know…yet”.

Repeat each one and note how you feel after saying it. Can you feel the difference?

Trick 3: Eliminate confusion

Instead of saying “I’m confused” use “I’m seeking clarification.”

The first one reinforces an unhelpful state. The second triggers your brain to help you find the answers you need. Big difference! hashtagbrainhackforsuccess, hashtagmindstrategies, hashtagbetterthinking

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