Beware the Ugly Box Syndrome!

How we describe our product or service is very much like putting it in a ‘box’.

The words we use to describe it to someone that can’t see it or haven’t experienced it yet, is a form of ‘packaging’.

Our words are the ‘packaging’ that the customer can see and create an opinion on.

Would you intentionally put your product/service is an ugly box?

Yet many sales emails are doing exactly this.

This happens when we write our sales emails, flyers or websites from our point of view and not our customers.

We list features rather than benefits. We HIDE our great product/service in an ugly box that we then enthusiastically shove in the face of a potential customer and expect them to get excited and buy it.

Here’s a great little strategy I’ve developed to help solve this problem.

Take your email or any other promo text and draw boxes around features or facts.

It is especially important to do this for your first and last sentences!

Then ask yourself, ‘can I unpack these boxes? How can I turn the facts or features into benefits to my customer?


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