3 Great Ways to Boost Business with Your Vision

If you don’t have a vision for your business written down and regularly used, you are missing out. Here’s 3 ways you should be using your vision statement to boost your business:

1. Assess existing staff and candidates you are interviewing by asking yourself this question, “Will this person take my business towards my vision?”
You might be surprised at the answer! I’ve seen business owners that are chronic bad hirers – rarely getting the right people for the job – turn things around just by doing this.

Business Visualisation

You also attract better candidates when you include your vision in your job ads. It can scare away the one’s that are not serious and motivate the one’s that resonate with it.

And that is what you want. Employees are one of your biggest expenses in business and are like the wheels on your car, you will go nowhere without them – therefore make sure they are the right wheels to take you to your vision.

2. Test your marketing material with your vision statement.
Hold them side by side and ask yourself if there is a match. For example:

  • Does your website, your branding, your choice of wording, your offers, your pricing…match your vision?
  • Will your marketing and branding take your business towards your vision?

There HAS to be a match. And this technique of testing your marketing against your vision is a great way to reduce the time required deciding what marketing to do.

3. Share it!
Don’t hide it. Put it on the wall in a respectful frame, put it on quotes, on your website, in your email signatures. In essence if it’s your vision, it’s worth sharing.
And being proud of. If you can’t be proud of it, then your staff won’t be and guess what that means? You are not likely to achieve it.
Remember, to achieve any vision, you have to first be sold on it yourself. With any goal, you have to have it in your heart and head before you can have it in your hand.


If you are having trouble figuring out how to describe your vision, I have a worksheet that might help. Shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you.

David Lennon
Troubleshooting Expert and Business Coach

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