You matter by volunteer houstonby David J Lennon

Three top core needs we all have as humans (whether its work, relationships, as a customer):

to belong,
to feel significant,
to contribute.

Applying this to your customer relationships and courting prospects, we can explore ways to make them feel they belong and are significant.

Seems a bit esoteric perhaps, the belonging part. But we like to belong to tribes. There is security and comfort in a tribe.

I think one ‘tribe’ your prospects can be offered to ‘join’ is the tribe of customers who have used your service or product and are absolutely loving it.

This is how businesses milk the power of facebook and customers posting how much they love the product. It satisfies the need to belong to a tribe, to feel significant and contribute.

How to promote your tribe??

You can do this by statements such as:
“Over 5,000 happy customers” or whatever the number is. Testimonials are another way to demonstrate there is a ‘tribe’ that use your product/service.

“<your business> is the preferred ??? by leading Melbourne ???”

This demonstrates there is a tribe that trust you and its safe to join.

How else are you promoting your tribe? Or could promote your tribe?

To feel significant. It’s good customer service. Whether a prospect or customer.

Every touch point with them can make them feel significant or insignificant. We all experience this every week. A simple greeting when walking into a business can make us feel significant or insignificant. Review your touchpoints (eg emails to new enquiries, calls, meetings, brochure wording, website wording and ease of use, forms, followup service, etc etc)

The small touches often have the biggest impact on helping us feel significant.

If you are looking to increase conversion of prospects, review what you are saying or sending to them and grade it’s level of ‘specialness’. How special are you making them feel?

How can you make prospects and customers feel more significant when;


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