Looking for Business Development training or coaching?

I have 7 BD packages covering exactly this and all can be successfully completed via skype and phone (day or after hours) so no personal meetings required or interruption to your work!

My BD modules cover – and bespoke training is easily done:

1. Developing a Business Development Mindset – to have it in your hand you must first have it in your head!

2. How to maximise revenue from existing relationships. There’s gold in that database!

3. Fastest way to find new customers and making sure they are the ones you really need.

4. How to grow the business in new markets – safely, efficiently.

5. Blues oceans, what and where are they – finding that uncontested market space.

6. How to spend less time IN the business and regain your personal time.

7. Improving effectiveness as a leader and creating an environment where results, innovation and passion flourishes.

Message me for more details or call me on: 0400 520 471. businessdevelopment, bdmtraining, businessdevelopmenttraining

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