Business Strategy and Coaching

Do you need someone to identify and direct your business growth strategies…but you don’t want to hire a fulltime business development manager?

Are you finding you just don’t have the time to run your business AND manage the implementation of business growth strategies?

Is business stagnant or sliding backwards and you’re unsure how to increase sales, identify new business opportunities, commercialise a new product or service?

I can help.

I provide contract business development services in a tailored fashion that suits your goal and budget.

An overview of my background…

The strategies I provide are based on 17 yrs experience of launching 8 of my own start-ups (I still have 3 of them, 2 here and 1 in Bahrain and running autonomously), holding Business Development Manager positions for national companies such as Amdel, Gale Pacific, KBR, and Consultation Manager where I successfully won back lost clients, pioneered world-first product and service development, and captured new business in new territories.

I’ve worked in 6 different countries for industry, government, engineering consultancies, research institutes, not for profits and of co urse my own businesses. This diverse background allows me to relate to and gain the trust of all levels of staff and very quickly appreciate the challenges the business is facing, its strengths and weaknesses – and most importantly the priority areas to ‘fix’ in order to hit the desired targets.

I’ve been featured in Lisa Rubinstein’s book, ‘True Leadership – the Source of Success’ and numerous newspapers, magazines and journals including National Geographic in 2013 for one of my businesses trials of a new 3D printing process to build reefs, and on radio.

I’m more than happy to meet and have a coffee and chat about your situation and whether I can help. Just give me a call or send me an email.


I can provide the benefits of having a senior BDM on your team without the cost and hassle of a new employee – and you only need to keep me around as long as you need.
It’s different from traditional business coaching, which I can also provide if needed. Coaching is more about me giving you some direction and you or your staff are then responsible for the actions.
The contract BDM service I provide is more hands-on.

For example:
– I attend meetings with you and your customers to brainstorm new products or strategy to win more work.
– I manage your staff’s business development tasks each week and keep them on track for you.
– I conduct training of staff and help write marketing collateral and tenders.
– I help you interview and pick staff.
– If you have an urgent business decision or question, you can give me a call or email to discuss, get a second opinion or kick ideas around. Being a business owner or Director can get pretty lonely and and the volume of decisions to be made can weigh heavy on your shoulders if you don’t have someone to discuss strategy with.

Basically I can provide a range of services depending upon your needs and this can change as your business grows. Some clients just need me for a few hours, others for a few months.
If this sounds potentially of interest to you, feel free to give me a call to discuss your particular situation and goals. We can meetup for a coffee or discuss over the phone.
Typically the process is that we identify the input and time you require – and this can be a staged process – and then I’ll provide a written proposal or quote for services.

Give me a call or email – the link below will take you to my home page which provides further info.
M: 0400 520 471
david ‘at’