Business Development for Professionals


Training and mentoring designed specifically for anyone new to business development or wanting to increase results. 

Who Is This Training for?

Professionals moving up in their career and required to win work, or take on a BD role. Results don’t take long either. It is common to see improvements in your first week.

Business owners that want to understand the business development process and gain the skills.


Training and mentoring is tailored to your specific needs and can be conducted for individuals or groups. We can work together via face to face sessions, workshops, homework, and phone/skype. You can be interstate or overseas. No lock-in contracts. 

My modules are designed to give you maximum useful information and skills in the shortest possible timeframe.

>>Contact me to discuss details and results you can expect<<


Is it Effective?

Very effective and you’ll be surprised how fast results can happen. An increase of 20%-100% in revenue in 3 months is quite normal. 

Example 1: IT service provider that was very good at their job but their proposals were terrible (but they didn’t realise this!). As a result, they were having trouble winning larger clients for 12 month contracts, getting frustrated and confused about what to do. They were getting excuses such as “We haven’t decided – we will get back to you”, “We have decided to stay with our current provider”.

Solution: They sent me copies of their proposals. I re-wrote their proposal and changed the structure and explained the rationale behind all changes and how they need to shift their thinking when writing proposals. They had the opportunity to submit a proposal and the client called them in for a meeting and said he was happy to proceed. Done. They beat four other proposals and it wasn’t won on price. They had never won a job so easy. But it CAN be that easy when you know how and follow specific key steps.

Example 2: a senior adviser in a mid-tier accounting firm in Melbourne was determined to advance into a higher role in the company. The Directors said the position was there, however he needed to prove his business development ability. They set a target of bringing in $60K worth of new work per year. But he was struggling to do this as well as maintain his current workload.

Solution: I reviewed his goals (incl company goals), his strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. I put together a strategy (including phone and email scripts) to win more work from their existing database and within six weeks he had brought in over $120K worth of new work. Double his annual target. The Directors actually told him to pause his BD activities because they had exceeded their capacity to do the work. Four months later, he is now a Principal in the firm.

Below is a sample of the key topics I cover and you can pick and choose what you need



MINDSET for Successful Business Development

Success is 90% mindset, 10% action. Our biggest enemy in sales is ourselves. Decisions determine our success, not circumstances.

  • Learn what drives your customers decisions and beliefs so you can prepare more effective presentations, pitches, proposals
  • Psychometric profile to gain new insights into what is limiting you, what to improve, and how to capitalise on your strengths
  • Peak state, confidence, hunter mindset, solution focused
  • Handling procrastination, time management and active networking
  • Core Beliefs required to excel in client acquisition

TIME REQUIRED: Minimum of 3 x 1 hour sessions by phone or skype. More sessions can be provided as required.


Getting More from What You Got

Most businesses are not gaining all they can from existing activities and customers. This package finds more profit from what you are already doing and have. In my opinion this is a key value a good BDM provides to any business and is definitely a major reason I would hire one.

  • Audit of business to identify where the brakes are on sales and repeat business (note: I will provide my recommendations on priorities and opportunities. This will allow you to fine tune the exact tasks you need to do as part of this package.
  • CLEAR goal setting, and confirmation of vision
  • Tune-up of current marketing and customer touch-points
  • Increasing profits from existing sales
  • Improving conversion of existing leads, quotes, tenders
  • Mining your goldmine of existing and past customers

TIME REQUIRED: Allow at least two weeks.


NEW Customers – Filling the Funnel

If you are confident you have maximised profits from existing operations, the next step is identifying and winning new customers.

  • How to identify who your ‘new’ customer(s) should be – not always who you think it is!
  • Getting the mix of customers right
  • Determining the most effective marketing strategies that suit your budget, resources, timeframe and target customer (ie new customer)
  • Which numbers to track and report on
  • Sales training

TIME REQUIRED: varies depending exact requirements of your business


NEW Markets

Finding new markets is an excellent way to overcome saturated markets where you are competing on price. It can also be a more efficient way to grow, but there are tricks to doing it successfully.

  • How to identify and qualify new markets before spending money on them
  • Pros and Cons of entering new markets – go in with your eyes open!
  • How to safely and efficiently test and enter new markets, how to identify when to pull out
  • Planning and budgeting your market entry
  • Motivating the team, confirming the vision, roles, benchmarks and KPIs.
  • How to track the right numbers and actions

TIME REQUIRED: varies depending exact requirements of your business



  • Psychometric profiling and unpack to accurately capitalise on your strengths and manage your weaknesses.
  • Confirming what you really want – career, financial, personal.
  • Eliminating unresourceful thinking holding you back.
  • Plotting your course and keeping you on it!
  • Creating a business that excels without you there.
  • How to effectively get staff on board with change.
  • How to boost team morale and get them passionate about the vision.
  • How to hire well and get the right people in the right position.
  • Communication, confidence, presentation.

TIME REQUIRED: varies depending exact requirements of your business



  • Audit of existing Business Development to identify strengths and stretches.
  • Mindset for successful Business Development
  • How to increase conversions and wins of tenders or quotes.
  • How to increase sales from existing and past customers.
  • How to identify, analyse and win new markets or territories.
  • How to effectively build relationships, collaborations.
  • How to expand interstate and overseas with minimal risk and cost.
  • How to develop new products or services with minimal failure rate.
  • How to develop effective marketing strategies and manage them.
  • How to create sustainable growth.
  • Finding ‘blue oceans’, no more competition on price. Innovation that makes your competitors obsolete.

TIME REQUIRED: varies depending exact requirements of your business



Creating an environment where people and the business flourish.

  • Meta Dynamics in Leadership
  • Mastering the four levels of ESIP for building success
  • Implementing ESIP
  • How to create change and bring people with you
  • Creating an environment where innovation and passion flourishes
  • Attracting and retaining the right people
  • Creating a business that runs without the boss

TIME REQUIRED: varies depending exact requirements of your business