Small Business Coaching Services Melbourne

Serving SMEs, Startups and NGOs

Looking to get results? LookiBusiness Coaching in Melbourne by David Lennonng for a no BS approach to build your business and real world strategies? Looking to work less, earn more? I can help.

I’m a Melbourne based business coach, mentor and troubleshooter helping small business owners in┬áMelbourne (and interstate and overseas) achieve extraordinary results in the shortest timeframe.

I can meet and work with you either at your business in Melbourne or my consulting room. A lot of my small business coaching is effectively conducted by phone, Skype or email.

Questions? Like to know more? Just give me a call or click here and send me an email. We can have a chat about what you need and if

What is Business Coaching? Mentoring? And Troubleshooting?


If the concept is new to you, it’s not really any different than sport coaching.

You have a goal you want to achieve and the coach:

  • Determines where you are at now
  • Determines what it is going to take to get you to your goal; and
  • Coaches you along the way to tweak your performance, your mindset and make sure you stay on track and do what is required.

In fact, just being accountable to someone and keeping you consistently taking action in the right direction triples your results.

Think about how easy it is to keep putting off tasks and before you know it, another year has gone by.


My style of small business coaching is unique in that I also ‘mentor’.

Traditionally, coaching does not include making recommendations of what you should do, or actually doing any of the ‘doing’. Whereas small business mentoring does.

Mentoring involves making recommendations of actions to take based upon experience and training, and helping actually implement or write needed processes, marketing material, business plans, tenders etc. My mentoring style is to actually get stuck in, and work on your business with you.


Because of my diverse background and experience, I can quickly troubleshoot issues within your business in the areas of production, processes, staff performance, culture, sales, marketing and tenders.

It’s a bit like taking your car to an experienced mechanic that quickly solves a fault that yourself or other mechanics haven’t been able to. If you have a particular issue, just give me a call. The solution is often a lot easier than you think.

This is where my business coaching experience counts. I can see the red flags or the true cause that other business coaches can’t. And I’ve done the hard yards and paid a lot of money to find ways to fix them. Which I’ll share with you and save you years of wasted time.