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Flowchart to Help You Identify Where to Look for More Sales

Before you spend time and money on more ad campaigns, marketing consultant, adwords etc, review this flowchart first. You will potentially save yourself a lot of money and possibly make some very easy money.

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Mistakes small businesses make supplying retail outlets

Are you a start-up or small business supplying products to retail outlets, and frustrated with poor sales? Here’s a few …

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Do you have a 1,000 negative keywords?

How many negative keywords should you have in your Google Adwords campaign? You might be surprised how many you should have!

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Mistakes small businesses make supplying retail outlets

Are you a start-up or small business supplying products to retail outlets, and frustrated with poor sales? Here’s a few …

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Are you Flogging a Dead Horse?

Are you chasing your business dream but feeling like you are treading water? You could be flogging a dead horse. …

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Looking for Growth? Do Less.

If you are looking for growth or to improve overall customer satisfaction, try cutting out some services or products. Focus on what you are (or could be) truly very very good at delivering. In this shortcut I outline a couple quick strategies to help you identify what you could focus on. If you are stuck, I can run inhouse or offsite facilitation workshops with your team to flush out the good ideas and growth strategies.

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In one hour with David, I learnt more useful business wisdom than I’ve gained in 15 years of business.
Four one hour sessions with David and we have had the best BAS quarter in ten years and repeated it again the next and with our new strategies we expect this to only continue to grow.
We implemented one strategy David gave us in our one hour session and it created an extra $10K-12K per month in sales.
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Effective Business Coaching and Strategies

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I’m assuming you are looking for some sort of business help?

I work with small to medium businesses, including startups and solo entrepreneurs. I coach business owners and staff.

I’m extremely successful, quick and have a relaxed open style. I use a range of proven systems including the amazing Critical Alignment Model from Meta Dynamics by Sharon Pearson,  and strategies I’ve developed the hard way – starting 8 businesses of my own and taking the latest ones interstate and overseas. I’m not a text book coach – I’ll show you real world solutions and strategies. The pain you might be experiencing or have experienced – I have too!

The most common issues I ‘fix’ are:

  • Lack of clarity on what business development strategies to implement and how, and feeling there is no time to implement them anyway
  • A realisation that something is wrong, but there seems to be so many things that could be worked on that it is overwhelming and no idea what to fix first. For example should the focus be on new marketing strategies, pricing, product changes, or staff?
  • Staff are not performing to the desired level or morale is low
  • Need for product or service innovation, but not clear on how to best do it without wasting time and money
  • Need help hiring the right people, or identifying which existing people should be replaced
  • Strategies to win larger tenders, government contracts, or expand interstate or overseas
  • No ability to take a holiday, at least a relaxing holiday



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Latest Videos

VIDEO – You Must Include Lead Measures!

In this 5min video you will learn what a lead measure is and how it can help your business. Very …

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VIDEO – Mental Strategies to take Your Income to the Next Level

  In this short video, I cover the ESSENTIAL mindset you MUST have to succeed in business and very effective …

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VIDEO – Don’t Make These Mistakes When Pitching!

Don’t just say to a prospect that you ‘love doing xyz’. They are not driven to fund your passion. They want benefits for them. So follow up by saying you love it because of the great results you get or how that love translates into better value.
Second tip is the difference between what successful businesses say and the not so successful. The successful ones will often talk in terms of achievements. What they have ‘done’. Rather than what they do. So back up what you do with a quick story about what you have done for a customer.

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